Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Book by Best Selling Author Dianna Bellerose and Rachel Love is only $1.99 - "Monster in the Mirror" available Globally

"Whoever fights Monsters should see to it that in the process He does not become a Monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss will gaze back into you." - Frederich Nietzsche

Bio Rachel Love

Rev. Rachel Love
Radio Personality, Ghost Whisperer,
Medium, Intuitive, Transition Coach,
Minister, Intuitive Instructor, Facilitator,
Author and Playful Poet


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"Monster in the Mirror"- A Novel written by Dianna Bellerose&Rachel Love

As Ricky stares into the mirror, he no longer sees the monster that he once saw there, but the memory of his past still haunts him—the story he has never really told. As a child, Ricky faced one abusive episode after another. 


Monday, August 5, 2013

Special Guest Today, Singer and Song Writer- Loreen Chimenty

Loreen Chimenti: Bio


Loreen Chimenti is a singer, songwriter, arranger with a positive attitude toward life. She combines in her music all her inspirational influences such as R'n'B, Jazz, Dance with Electro Sounds.

Her French and Italian roots gave her a hot temper and sensuality that take its course as much in her lyrics as in her warm and powerful performance.

Her debut album "Spank it!" contains 16 uplifting Electro-Pop/R'n'B tracks and relaxing sexy Lounge songs. Loreen wants to deliver a message through this album, and show that women should be free to express their feminity and sensuality without being taken for objects. Women should be strong and take control of their life in order not to be victims.

"Spank it!" can now be purchased online digitally on iTunes, on cdbaby.com, amazon.com, emusic.com...

This album will for sure put you in a sexy mood for dancing...

Loreen and music is a big love story. She started singing and playing piano in her early age. When she was 18 she discovered her skills at composing and writing lyrics.

The first songs Loreen composed were based on melancholic ballads piano/voice and Lounge tracks, that made her sign with Universal Music Publishing in Germany in 2007.

One of her songs "Honeymoon" (Sur La Cote d'Azur) was selected for different Lounge Compilation CDs called "French Chillout" "A Trip To Ibiza" and "Relaxing Moments Volume 3", which was released in December 2007 by Sony & BMG.

In 2009 Loreen signed a Non-Exclusive contract with Original Source Music in the U.S.A for films and TV placements.

In October 2010, Loreen joined a band called "Toni Day Project". She composed, arranged and performed 6 songs included in the album "4ever and Ever".

The 26th November 2010, after a collaboration with the DJ/Producer Manu Bosquet, a brand new House single "Should Never Happen" - Physical Phase Feat. Loreen Chimenti has been released digitally by Rodeo Drive Records. 

A new House track called "BOY" has been released by Audiobite Records on the 28th of February 2011 after the collaboration with the French DJ Producer Bruno Kaufmann.

 In 2012 Loreen kept on working with different DJs on House singles such as "Don't Let Go" with DJ Physical Phase and the single "Rainy Day" featuring DJ Javier Lamban released on all digital stores including iTunes and Amazon.

In 2013, 3 songs composed by Loreen Chimenti for Toni Day Project have been selected to be played live in "The Musical Show-Forever And Ever my Life and Pink Floyd". 

The shows has started on the 7th of June 2013 in Wall Arena Bostalsee. There will be 12 dates in Germany.

Actually Loreen in working on new songs for her next album and a project of single For Dianna Bellerose, award winner for best Romance and best seller on Amazon UK with her book "Fire and Ice".

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Loreen Chimeni, guest on Rachel Love and Dianna Bellerose Show

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