Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Book Review: Fire and Ice by Dianna Bellerose featured in Woman's Essence Magazine

Book Review:


  1. This is a comment from FB from a person who is from Sweden:I tried to comment this book on Diannes blog, but then it came to choose a link and saw no FB there, so I share to my wall instead, This is a book easy to relate to and understand, about how a woman struggle with relations and one ask how women put up with this and how blind men can be, but also this woman as is putting up with this and why...Whats holding her to this relation, why this self offering...The man brought up with a selfish mother and probably some kind of border line disorder...The whole world is against me, afraid of being left alone etc, Well, read this book and find..I ve heard a second book is on its way, I recommend this book and best of luck to this new author, Dianna Bellerose, X

  2. Fire and Ice!
    Hollywood, Hollywood ah.
    How much glory, how much suffering.
    Here scenarios subjects.
    Oh, what portraits here.
    Diamonds burn.
    With Angelica said.
    Brad Pitt gave an interview.
    All clear.
    I love dumbbells too.
    Labor and compose.
    We play the guitar.
    Gestures all of us in order.
    Director is not present with us.
    Richard Gere "Fire and Ice".
    Where is the movie?
    Who will take the interview.
    We are waiting for the film adaptation of Diana.
    Stay with us.