Saturday, January 26, 2013

Newly Released Audio Book- "Fire and Ice", Narrated by Rebecca Bedford


  1. I had the pleasure of working with Dianna Bellerose to narrate her book “Fire and Ice”, when I accepted the job I wasn’t aware what the book was about, however as I read and recorded the book, I quickly became emotionally invested with Nancy, the main character, and her struggles with domestic abuse both emotionally and physically.

    Nancy is a mother and a wife trying her best to hold on to the man she loves and raise her daughter in a loving home. Nancy’s mother-in-law becomes a catalyst of abuse between her and her husband, Tom. The Mother-in-law hates Nancy and does her best to destroy their marriage going as far as encouraging Tom’s abuse towards her. After fleeing from Europe, in the hopes that taking Tom away from the influence of his mother will stop the abuse, they move to the U.S. and try for a new life.

    Only to find that Tom continues the cycle of abuse and now they are trapped in the country’s economic downturn. Now Nancy has a choice to make, to stay with her family, her business, in a time where people are losing their jobs and homes, and deal with the abuse, or strike out on her own.

    This is a moving story that really does capture your heart and the hardships of abuse and shows the realism of America’s new Great Depression. I am honored to work on such a book, and know whoever reads it will also be able to relate in some way.

  2. Thank you Rebecca, you are amazing. Best wishes, Dianna