Monday, February 25, 2013

Book Tour Guests - Authors from all over the World, Supporting the Culture and Environment


Trad Online is a French language service provider. All types of content, to and from a growing number of languages- truly a global venture.
We are proud to be involved in a number of side projects, such as this one, by supporting culture and the environment in a time of economical downturn.

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 Book Synopsis

Fifty professional translators provide a unique insight into their country's culture

All those countries you've never been to, all those words that sound familiar though the meaning lies hidden, all the people you wish you'd met...

How can we bring it all together? This was our incentive, as language and culture

professionals and enthusiasts, in creating a crowd-sourced book like no other, and show you the world... between the lines.

Natives from fifty countries give you a rich account of what it means to be a part of life in their homeland: you'll find out what events shook their lives, and what songs kids sing in the streets, not to mention a plethora of sayings and words to make you sound like a local.

All profits go straight to Trad Online's favourite NGO, Planete Urgence, whose aim is to help people in poor areas by organising local actions, such as planting trees.

Please visit their website for more details: (French)

Pop on over to our book blog, where you can find interviews and pictures from our contributors, and more material we just couldn't fit into the book, that you'd enjoy anyway!

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[Translators] share many of the same responsibilities as journalists but remain low profile and receive little appreciation or recognition for their work. "THE WORLD IN WORDS" is a celebration of these learned individuals and the world they serve. Good luck!

Mark Levit - Serial Entrepreneur, Marketing Professional, University Professor

Excerpts from authors’ interviews


The book not only helps directly in the [global warming] struggle, but also makes that
statement with utter clarity, as it gathers efforts from individuals from completely different
countries and directs them towards one common goal. If everyone involved in the project
gives their best towards promoting it (and I’m sure we will), we could create a chain effect
which will greatly benefit the whole world!


It’s an avant-garde initiative. It’s the first step towards what I foresee as the first of many
contributions, expressed by and for linguists, but also, professionals who are human
beings, who have dedicated themselves to learning, to excelling, to teaching future
generations of rising talents, who will also one day dedicate themselves to this impressive
work. Why do I say impressive? Because if few words can be used to describe it,
impressive is definitely one of them.


I liked the idea of helping give a deeper understanding of a country. I also wanted to
participate and contribute towards something worthwhile, and I felt that this was a good
enough reason.


New ideas always appeal to me, and I feel that bringing a piece of your life to others,
making them see your own country as you see it is most rewarding! It is as if you
become the ambassador of your country, you have to save its face, but you also need to
be sincere and show your country as it is, with vices and virtues, with national
peculiarities and traditions.


Working with emails and Skype, we may get in touch with many translators from other
countries and cultures, but we hardly have the chance to have a real cultural exchange
via the Internet. This book is a way of going beyond our actual work, enrich our
knowledge about other cultures through the eyes of people who share our common
interest and love for languages and communication.

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