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"Violence against women is a Global issue, women are being abused, raped and killed. The root of the problem is  gender inequality because women are perceived to be property and subservient to men. These obsolete views must be eliminated because they no longer serve the society we live in. Women are just as active participants in the family as men. Women should break free from limiting beliefs and religious conditioning which suppress their growth and creates gender inequality." Award Winner Author for Best Romance, Dianna Bellerose 


Fri Jun 14 2013 at 0:29 am +0000
Join Dianna Bellerose and Rachel and our Guest “Elle” Elle If you’ve read my first novel, The Fall: An Autobiography of an Alter Ego, you know that I believe the question “Who am I?” is not always answered easily. That said, these three descriptors – author, woman, and terrified – seem to do the job pretty […]
Tue May 28 2013 at 0:25 am +0000
Let me help with your journey in life and create the best possible outcome for you. I work with people who are serious about improving their lives and are willing to work hard. It takes commitment and dedication, I do not work with everyone if we cannot connect and feel comfortable with each other. Schedule […]
Mon May 27 2013 at 10:21 pm +0000
 Every Thursday 4 pm Eastern/3 CT/ 2CT/ 1pm PT Learn to Change your Perceptions and your Life by the Woman who understands better than most about Transitions, Rachel Love! Join Rachel Love and her Co-Host Dianna Bellerose Author of the Novel “Fire and Ice” every Thursday at 4 pm eastern on Rachel and Dianna  interviews some of the most interesting New […]
Fri May 24 2013 at 0:00 am +0000
Award Winner Author for Best Romance, Dianna Bellerose talks about women inequality, abuse and her book “Fire and Ice”. Violence against women is a Global issue, women are being abused, raped and killed. The root of the problem is the gender inequality because women are perceived to be a property and subservient to men. These obsolete […]
Wed Feb 20 2013 at 1:09 am +0000
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Fire and Ice

Buy it at Barnes and Noble Link   : Nancy was sitting at home trying to sort out her life. Trying to figure out what had gone wrong and what could be done to fix it. The weather was windy and rainy. Summer was almost over. There was something to look forward to, her trip to Hawaii. She was hoping to clear her head there and start finding some solutions. She was sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of freshly brewed coffee. The sun was peeking through the window. The room was full of light. Nancy's expression was one of pain and worry. There were so many obstacles in her life, each taking a toll on her. The troubles she was having were with her husband and the family's financial situation. It was hard to cope anymore despite the fact that she considered herself a very strong person. Having no one around to support her made her even more vulnerable. Her husband was unsupportive and violent and was the worst part of her life. She had endured his abuse for twenty years. The load was getting too heavy, and she was not young enough anymore to be able to ignore certain things.

Courtney Frey is the author of “One Birth mother’s Emotional Truth on Healing, Recovery and Success” (Adoption Press, 2002) and is a national speaker on women’s issues.  She has published hundreds of articles for Adoption Media LLC, and currently operates a personal inspiration blog as well as for her upcoming novel, Restitution.
Courtney is a speaker for RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network) and can booked for engagements through the Contact link on Her Site 
"As long as we oppress over half the population because they are female we will never achieve our full potential as Human Beings. It is Time For Change"
                                    Rachel Love

Thu Jun 13 2013 at 8:32 pm
If you've read my first novel, The Fall: An Autobiography of an Alter Ego, you know that I believe the question "Who am I?" is not always answered easily. That said, these three descriptors - author, woman, and terrified - seem to do the job pretty well at the moment. I have claimed myriad titles in life but the only answer to that question that rings true and that applies in any setting (for me) is that of Author. It requires no further explanation. Elle Link
Thu Jun 06 2013 at 10:05 pm
Our Guest: Courtney Frey Shared from her heart her own story of sexual abuse and long road to recovery. Listen in to this emotional story of overcoming and becoming a voice that makes a difference in so many lives... Courtney Frey author of, 'One Birth mother's Emotional Truth on Healing, Recovery and Success," and is the proud mother of three teenager's. She lives in Iowa with her children, holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and is Editor in Chief of She has bi-polar disorder and as a mental health advocate, and has spoken across the country on issues relating to mental health and adoption. Her novel, Restitution, now availabe.
Thu May 23 2013 at 10:45 pm
New Co-Host Dianna Bellerose and Rachel Love visit with Claudette Chenevert. “Whether you’re a new instant mom or a veteran stepmom, raising someone else’s children is never easy. In fact, it’s probably the most difficult job you’ll ever have in your life. Chances are you have probably thought at one point or another, ‘If I’d known then what I know now, I would NOT have gotten involved in a step relationship.’ And that can be a really painful thing to admit. It’s almost like saying if you could turn back time, you would discard your current family and start all over again. But even though you might think thoughts like this during your darkest moments, throwing away your family isn’t what you really want. I know. I’ve been there and I’m so glad that we worked it out, merging together to create our new family. Let me show you a different path, one where you will thrive rather than merely survive, one step at a time. website
Fri May 03 2013 at 4:23 am
My Guest Elizabeth "Coach" Scala, The Balance Coach The Coach to Call When You're READY to Make Yourself #1! Author, inspirational speaker, virtual conference host, radio show host, and RN. We visit on the results of putting every one else first. Caregivers can experience, emotional swings, physical changes including dehydration and disease without even noticing the progression. What can be done to change the progression. Coach Scala has the answers. website
Thu May 02 2013 at 9:41 pm
Guest Tania Elizabeth. Like each and every one of us, Tania's journey has been one of trials and tribulations, of Love and of passions; and the dissolution of it. Heartache, sorrows, smiles and laughter always seeming. Through the writing of this book and the words of Tatiana, Tania has found a peace within and learned the true meaning of "I LOVE ME!" WebSite
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