Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Monster in the Mirror"- Available in Paper Version

"Monster in the Mirror"

Available in paper version....

The party was getting louder. The laughter was increasing and a sense of dread filled my heart. I frantically began scanning the room, looking for a place where they would not find me, but they always did! I needed to find a better hiding place, less likely to be found. But it was too late, they had entered the room, calling me by name, Ricky. The loud laughter that followed sent me running for the coffee table. I crawled beneath it, believing I was safely hidden under the big reddish brown table. But I was wrong. As they came closer, I grabbed hold of the table legs, holding with all the strength a six year old could muster. Yanked by my leg, I felt the pain in my arms and hands as the sudden jerk ripped the table from my grasp. I closed my eyes and screamed. Do you want more.......??

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