Sunday, October 13, 2013

Special Guest Today- Paul Beeley, Book Cover Designer

About me

I have always been creative. My complete inability to draw any kind of eye pleasing image was lost on me at the age of 7. Having a creative personality as I'm sure all you readers can understand means you get a strong urge to create something. 
My first urge was as an author, not a published one, a hobby that I use to love. I used to write short stories for friends, funny takes on children’s stories; I even wrote a novel 
once that still resides in one of my old cupboards, 900 pages of hand written type.  I will finish it one day!
I have a young son, and I am very much the doting Dad. When your 4 year old tells you he wants to appear in his own Star Wars picture with both Jedis, what can you do! As I was playing around with Design software at the time, I decided to teach myself the skills to create a good realistic image.
Image 1
He loved it, the following months he had me creating images of him with Dragons, Dinosaurs, Spiderman and other childhood favorites!
Over time, friends approached me asking me to design images for there kids to which I did and they loved, I also had friends asking for images with there partners in – Us blokes are just big kids after all!
Orders were coming through thick and fast. I got so busy, people started offering payments for images to be completed for Birthdays and anniversaries. Lots of people were telling me to set this up as a commercial enterprise. So I took the plunge. 

I had an inquiry from an author, one day, wondering as to whether it would be possible to create her a book cover for her novel. She said that she had had one done but wasn't keen on it. I had never thought of doing book covers, but realized that this would be a brilliant extra ribbon to my bow so to speak. So I spent the day working on it, and sent it off to her! She loved it! After a few months through word of mouth I was getting more and more orders from new authors requiring that finishing touch to there masterpiece. I started to get more orders for book covers than the original business plan of personalized imagery! I loved it! A year down the line I had a steady stream of covers booked and the icing on the cake that year was to hear that the first cover that I did was actually been made into a big Movie in the US!

I still work full time in the day and only do the book cover design in the evenings and weekends; this gives me a great balance of run of the mill job, but also allows me to be creative with Create Imaginations.
If you want someone that it going to have the passion, creativity and desire for your book to succeed, then please get in touch; check out our website


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