Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bellerose Publishing Company- Do you need help with publishing? Your search is over, find out why Today

I have been doing research about best possible ways to market and have your book seen by thousands for the past three years. My experience helped me to create a best seller and award winning book, everything was done by myself. During this time, I found the best in the field and spend hours learning, so I can help others who wants to write only and have someone else do the rest. Most people get discouraged because they do not see results after publishing their book. This is just a small step towards your career as an author, more important is how to market and who is your best audience and how to find it. I can teach you everything you need to know about writing your book and creating pages on FB and  Twitter and other media places.Here it is options you can choose from:

Option #1

Custom cover design (no temples used)
E-book formating
Distribution through Amazon, Kobo, Kindle store, Smashwords
One on one support through email for six months
No contracts, you retain the rights to your book
Help with editing

Option #2

All of the above
Twitter and FB Advertaising
Your book will be introduced to followers/fans I have over 30000 followers and 10000 fans
FB help with creation of page is included with the best ways to build fan base
Basic press realize is included

Package Deals

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