Thursday, July 5, 2012

Is it a "LOSS" or all the way around?

The Breakup Mermaid This is so true........ Always demand respect. If you do it means that some people will not want to be in your life because they don't want to make the effort. They would prefer to be with someone who will allow them to have their own way. Let them go. "Losing" someone who doesn't respect you is not a loss. It is a gain, as you will be free from the horrible feelings of not feeling respected or appreciated. Free yourself from this situation so that you can find someone who will give you the respect that you deserve and demand. This way you will feel the positive feelings associated with being respected, appreciated & valued :) Men will treat you the way you let them. There is no such thing as "deserving" respect; you get what you demand from people.. if you demand respect, he will either respect you or he won't associate with you. It really is that simple. - Tucker Max  

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